Issue 31 – The Deadlands


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Issue 31 of The Deadlands is packed from the first page to the last with incredible fiction, poetry, and nonfiction writing.

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Here’s the Table of Contents for Issue 31:

Five of Cups Considers Forgiveness, Ali Trotta (poetry)

My Bonsai Lover in Winter, Rachael K. Jones (fiction)

Remember This When They Find You, Margaret Dunlap (fiction)

Irrepressible Thoughts of Death and Other #justgirlythings, Shreejita Majumder (nonfiction)

Taxidermist’s Lullaby, Hana Gammon (poetry)

Crumpled, Steve Toase (fiction)

How the Blubber Boy Came to Be, Shantell Powell (poetry) Hollow Are the Bones, E.E. Cypher (fiction)