Cover Designers Wanted


This is Sean, the publisher behind Psychopomp.

As our publishing schedule picks up, I find myself increasingly in need of really amazing cover art.

However, as generative AI becomes more popular I struggle to find cover art solutions that use ZERO generative AI art in the covers that are created.

Psychopomp is very clear on how we feel about AI — we are committed to publishing only 100% human-created works, both with the words in our books and the covers that grace them. This shouldn’t feel so much like a radical statement but, I guess it is.

So, I am trying to connect with cover artists that feel the same, that can potentially produce cover art for Psychopomp that is 100% guaranteed free from AI use.

Some Notes About *OUR* Preferred Style

In the event that you do a particular style that may not mesh well with our own style, I wanted to leave a few notes on the kind of covers I prefer:

If you work in those kinds of styles/vibes, I *definitely* want to hear from you.

I’d love to work with artists that are passionate about the SFFH genre, and am strongly encouraging BIPOC artists to fill out the form.

Please fill out the form below. I won’t use your contact info/other info in *any* way except to contact you if I feel like your style is a good fit for one of our upcoming titles.

Please, no need to query: if it seems like we are a good fit I will be in touch–to respect your time I have made this form as simple and easy-to-fill-out as possible.

Here’s the form:

I know there are a lot of factors to consider, number of revisions, etc., but please give me some idea of range.
(not required)