Cover Reveal: A Voice Calling, by Christopher Barzak

Written By Sean Markey

Sean lives in an old farmhouse in northern Vermont, and is pretty sure the house isn’t very haunted… He works as a marketer during the day and is also the publisher of The Deadlands, a little magazine about beginnings and endings you may or may not have heard of.

We are absolutely thrilled to share with you all the cover of Psychopomp’s first novella: A Voice Calling, by Christopher Barzak.

Release date: March 19th, 2024

A Voice Calling is an obsessive tale of a family haunted by a very terrible house:

But is the house truly haunted?

Of course the house is haunted.

Button House has stood for centuries, digging its roots and its rot deeper and deeper, consuming all who approach: twin brothers, a child bride, an innocent baby, four young factory workers.

And then came Rose Billings, who had an affinity with the house like no other. Rose, who could hear the house and the pleas of its many ghosts. Rose, who would attempt to solve the mysteries of Button House, or die trying.

You can preorder A Voice Calling now through our very own Grave Goods store, and: BONUS! All preorders purchased through us will receive a pin: the pin is of a button, but it’s a PIN and not a BUTTON (design will be shared in the coming weeks).

Pre-order your copy here:

Physical book – $13.99

eBook – $8.99

*Remember: you will not receive this book until March 19th, 2024.

Here is the absolutely amazing cover:

art by: Tetuko Widyahananto

layout by: Christine M. Scott

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If you’re a reviewer and you’re looking to grab a copy to write about, you can fill out this form here. We’ll also have this available on Netgalley by the end of the week.

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