[Hiring] Writers

Written By Sean Markey

Sean lives in an old farmhouse in northern Vermont, and is pretty sure the house isn’t very haunted… He works as a marketer during the day and is also the publisher of The Deadlands, a little magazine about beginnings and endings you may or may not have heard of.

***Update: this is currently closed–I received 71 absolutely amazing applications, and I’m going through them now. Thank you to everyone who applied/shared this.

Do you love to consume gothy, death-focused media? Books, TV, movies, games, (…fashion?) and other culturally relevant things?

Have you been looking to pick up a side gig WRITING ABOUT those things that you love to consume?

Well, good news for you! is looking to hire a few good writers to create articles each week or every other week on those very topics.

We’re looking for people to write about things like:

  • these are the best 55 books about time travel
  • these 5 books coming out next month are SO DEATHY
  • haunted houses, we’re in favor of them, here’s a list of the scariest
  • new gothy movies to look out for
  • multiverse movies that I still don’t know what actually happened
  • death
  • goth
  • space goth?
  • funeral fashion show
  • etc. etc. you get it, we don’t even know, this is a box we can’t define but can sort of wave our arms at.

Reactions, lists, essays, criticism, reviews, etc.

Pay: $250/mo for a weekly schedule, $125/mo for bi-weekly.

Length: eh, at least 750, probably somewhere between 750 and 1500 is ideal.

Vibe: trying to write blog content here for a specific audience, not a dissertation on GOTHNESS (although…) so content should broken into sections with headings.

To apply, just fill out this form (do not email us about it). If we think you’d be a good fit, we’ll be in touch!

If you have questions ABOUT this (even though it’s all pretty straightforward), email us at the address in the site’s footer).

Thank you!

Applications are currently closed, thank you!