Cover Reveal: Lovely Creatures, by KT Bryski

Written By Sean Markey

Sean lives in an old farmhouse in northern Vermont, and is pretty sure the house isn’t very haunted… He works as a marketer during the day and is also the publisher of The Deadlands, a little magazine about beginnings and endings you may or may not have heard of.

So excited to share this amazing cover for KT Bryski’s Lovely Creatures.

Release date: May 14th, 2024

Lovely Creatures is a journey across a wasteland within the belly of a wooden whale toward a distant, mythical river, by Sunburst, Eugie, and Aurora award finalist KT Bryski.

Doomsday Dot will wake the day the world ends.

That’s what everyone says, yours truly included.

Bryony’s been searching for her big sister for ten years and change, and the trail finally leads her to Mr. Once-Upon-a-Time’s traveling show. There’s a wolf who’ll serve you tea, a lady who’s sometimes a swan, and Bryony’s sister sound asleep in a glass casket. All of them, rolling through the wasteland in a giant wooden Whale.

The Whale’s important, you’ll see.

But Bryony’s not the only one on the hunt. Everyone on the Whale is running from something. And whether Bryony can wake her sister before they’re caught, well, only the Devil herself knows.

The Devil’s important as well. You’ll see that, too.

You can preorder Lovely Creatures now through our very own Grave Goods store, and: BONUS! All preorders purchased through us will receive a pin: designs and details to come!

Pre-order your copy here:

Physical book – $13.99

eBook – $8.99

*Remember: you will not receive this book until May 14th, 2024.

Here is the fantastic cover:

art by: Donn Marlou Ramirez

layout by: Christine M. Scott

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