Novella Announcement: From These Dark Abodes

Written By Sean Markey

Sean lives in an old farmhouse in northern Vermont, and is pretty sure the house isn’t very haunted… He works as a marketer during the day and is also the publisher of The Deadlands, a little magazine about beginnings and endings you may or may not have heard of.

Book Riot senior contributor, Pushcart nominee, bookseller, and reviewer Lyndsie Manusos’s From These Dark Abodes, a gothic fantasy novella where immortals unzip from their skins and dance in their skeletons, a woman with no memory of her past must choose to either find a way to escape from the madness…or join the immortals in their revelry, to E. Catherine Tobler at Psychopomp by Eric Showers at Howard Morhaim Literary Agency, Inc.

From The Author:

From These Dark Abodes began in the late-night hours while navigating the newborn stage of my second child. In those days of sleeplessness and postpartum anxiety, where my own healing body felt separate and other, I found refuge in a house created in the image of those who escaped their various underworlds to unzip from their skins and dance in their skeletons. The main character, Lethe, has no memory of her past, and she and Petunia are doomed to serve the immortals each night as they dance in their skeleton forms, until one of the immortals goes missing. From These Dark Abodes is a queer love story about grieving and forgetting, about accepting our bodies while wanting to be free of them, and how love can help with healing. I am so grateful to Psychopomp for taking on this weird little novella. 

From Acquiring Editor E. Catherine Tobler

It may be said that everyone has a haunted house story within them—surely our genre reflects this of late, as the shelves teem with such stories—but there is no house quite like the one you will find in From These Dark Abodes. From the start you know that something is wrong, and only gets impossibly more wrong from there. It is a house of indulgence, of oppressors, of revelation, and revolution. Eager for readers to spend time inside the labyrinthine walls carefully crafted by Lyndsie Manusos.

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    About Lyndsie Manusos

    Lyndsie Manusos is a Midwestern writer with fiction appearing in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, The Deadlands, Lightspeed Magazine, and other publications. Lyndsie is a senior contributor at Book Riot, a bookseller at Wild Geese Bookshop, and is the associate flash fiction editor for JMWW Journal. Her work has been a finalist in contests and narrated in podcasts.

    In addition to writing and working, she and her husband try to keep up with their two young and imaginative children and little dog named Eleanor. You can read more about Lyndsie at